Google Chrome Beta Gets Big Improvements With Native Client

Google has announced that it has made some cool improvements to the new release of Beta Channel that will improve the web platform capability of Chrome. The new additions will make it much easier for developers to build more powerful and more immersive apps and games for the web. One of the new features is the integration of Native Client into Chrome.

Native Client is a platform that allows for code written in C and C++ to be executed inside the browser with security restrictions that are similar to those of JavaScript. Native Client apps are also able to use Pepper. Pepper is a set of interfaces that are able to provide C and C++ bindings for HTML5. That allows the developer to use their existing native code library in apps they develop for Chrome.

The other new feature in the latest beta is the integration of Web Audio API. This new JavaScript API provides advanced audio capability. The API allows for audio effects like room simulation and spatialization that allows the dev to make games and other apps more interactive.