Google Chrome Beta browser gets noisy tab indicators, other changes

The newest Chrome Beta browser build has a new feature that indicates which tab or tabs are playing music or other audio. That way, when you're browsing with multiple tabs open and suddenly hear some guy blabbing about a fabulous new way to make money on the Internet, you can see at a glance which tab it's coming from and shoot it down (or proceed to take him up on his unmissable offer.) This, among other handy little additions to Chrome 32.

The tab activity indicator also shows which, if any, tabs are currently using your webcam or casting to your TV via Chromecast, if you use that. That way you'll know whether you're being watched, which is a handy-dandy thing if you'd prefer Big Brother (or your big brother) not to watch you; and if you want to shut down or adjust playback for whatever's on your TV through Chromecast, you can skip right to the tab where the controls might be living and make the necessary adjustments.

The Beta also got a makeover for the Modern mode in Windows 8. This cosmetic change brings the browser more in line with the Chrome operating system. The browser app launcher changed up, too, letting you integrate apps across all open Chrome browser windows. These two changes provide a more consistent experience across operating systems, at least in terms of the Chrome browser itself.

The final obvious change is a tweak to the malware notifier that appears at the bottom of the browser whenever you visit a suspected malicious site. Instead of advising you to proceed with caution, the browser just blocks it by default. The notifier lets you know. You can dismiss the message or click the down-arrow to proceed with caution.

SOURCE: Google

Via: Engadget