Google Chrome arrives on Daydream VR for virtual web browsing

Google is bringing its Chrome Internet browser to the Daydream VR platform, the company has announced. The web browser will be available for both the Daydream View and Lenovo Mirage Solo with Daydream VR headsets, enabling users to directly access the Internet using Google's own browser. Once installed, the user can launch Chrome directly from the VR platform's home screen.

A VR headset arguably offers the most private Internet browsing experience possible, at least from a visual standpoint. Chrome is a popular web browser and it makes sense that Google would bring it to its own virtual reality platform. According to the company, most of the features offered in the desktop and mobile versions are available in the VR app.

Users can, for example, access Incognito Mode, save and retrieve bookmarks, and similar. Unique to this version of the web browser is Cinema Mode, which is made specifically for the Daydream platform; this mode optimizes videos so that they're best presented on a VR headset. Users can perform actions using voice commands.

Google teases — but doesn't go into details about — other features designed specifically for the Daydream platform. Assuming you have either of the aforementioned VR headsets, you can launch Chrome from the device's homescreen after updating Chrome on Android via the Google Play Store. The new support is only available in the latest Chrome mobile version.