Google celebrates the web: wants you to be startin' somethin'

In a move similar to 2006's Time Person of the Year, Google has a webpage celebrating the real force behind the internet: you. Google believe that while the "push and pull of business and politics will continue", people and individuals are the driving force behind the world wide web. The "You are the Web" page features an infographic with various facts about the internet, as well as encouraging users to get involved, and post to Google+, Facebook, and Twitter.

Google's infographic lays out facts about the social, create, and business aspect of the web, as well as indicating growth over the years. For example, 1 in 6 marriages begin with couples meeting online, while 36.6 million jobs were found using social networks.

The timeline of the webs growth begins in 1991, with the first web page being published, and the first "viral" video occurring in 2005. Internet usage has seen a dramatic surge over the years, with there being 304 million users in 2000, reaching a staggering 1.97 billion users in 2010.

There are also links for visitors to "start something", with links going out to Google+, Facebook, and Twitter. Users are encouraged to post to the social networking platforms to give their account of what kind of power the internet enables. Google hopes it will start a conversation about the future of the internet.