Google Camera update adds Android Wear control

Brittany A. Roston - Jul 9, 2014, 10:24pm CDT
Google Camera update adds Android Wear control

With the rise of Android Wear comes its integration into the wider Android experience. The latest Google Camera update has tossed a remote functionality into the mix for wearables running Google‘s newest platform, allowing the smartwatches to function as a remote shutter for your smartphone camera, among other things.

The remote shutter functions exactly as you’d expect: you can prop your smartphone up wherever you’d like to take a picture, then scamper away from it and trigger the shutter whenever you’re ready. A good option for taking group shots or pictures of yourself when no one else is around.

Google Camera’s timer can also be used from the comfort of your wrist, with the update allowing Android Wear device owners to set up the timer from a distance. This is accompanied by the ability to preview images from your smartwatch’s display, though given its small size, there might not be much value in this feature.

As always, if you’re not yet seeing this feature, remain patient. The Google Camera update is rolling out now, and it might take a bit before it arrives your way. Until then, hit up our Wearables Hub for more news about Android Wear smartwatches and more.

VIA: Android Community

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