Google Calendar update brings Google Tasks at last

This week the folks at Google released a version of Google Calendar which flips the switch for integration with Google Tasks. This is not the first we've heard of said integration – in fact it's a long time coming. This is the first time the system integration has been made available in live code – you might even be able to test it out right now.

Per the intrepid investigation of code done by XDA Developers earlier this week, the latest Google Calendar update's secrets were spilled. The APK teardown revealed upcoming features for Google Calendar as well as semi-active connectivity to Google Tasks. UPDATE: This update is live for some users, it would seem, but not yet all!

If you're rolling with version 2019.47.2-284533606-release of Google Calendar – or newer – you might be able to activate Google Tasks features. If you've got this newest version of the app, tap a date to create a new Calendar item. Goal, Reminder, Task, and Event should all appear as options. If not, you'll just have to wait until the feature it rolled out to you.

Once you tap Task, you'll see the ability to select a date, a task, and options on repeating reminders of said Task. You'll also have the option to add your Task to a list, and you'll be given the option to set a time range.

Settings for the newest version of Google Calendar also have a "Task notifications" section in the "Notifications" list. You can toggle "Show notifications" for Task notifications in Calendar specifically – Alerting or Silent. You can also toggle a Pop up screen for Task notifications.

Calendar integration with Google Tasks should finally make the original promise of Google Tasks a reality. Before, users would need to set reminders of tasks in the Google Tasks app if they were already mobile – now it's all contained in one place. Or it will be, as soon as everyone has access to the latest version of the Calendar app for Android. Check Google Calendar on Google Play to see if you've got the latest version of the app.