Google Calendar now works offline on desktop Chrome

Google has dozens of apps and services, some of them a bit esoteric while many are popular and useful for both end users and businesses. One thing that is common among most of these is the need for an Internet connection. Google, after all, is primarily an Internet company. That Internet connection, however, might not always be available or stable and, fortunately, Google is making one of its key apps available offline, at least for some set of users.

A centuries-old tool, the humble calendar has gotten upgrades over the years, especially recently in the age of the Internet and apps. Many modern calendars today offer functionality our ancestors could only dream of but some, like Google Calendar, require an Internet connection to even use. No problem if you're always at home or at the office or have a stable Internet connection with you all the time.

That will not always be the case, though, and you might start having a panic attack when you suddenly get disconnected and have to check whether you're clear for the next few weeks. Fortunately, that will no longer be the case with this new offline functionality for Google Calendar, provided you meet some of its requirements.

For one, this only works if you're using Google Calendar on Google Chrome for the desktop, and Google is unsurprisingly silent if it will work on any other desktop web browser. And while you can actually peer into any time into the future, you can only look four weeks into the past, practically just the previous month.

The biggest requirement is that this feature is only available for Google Workspace customers and subscribers, so those with personal accounts will still have to hope for that stable Internet connection when they need to view their events and appointments. Admins can enable or disable this feature as needed while end users can also disable it even if their admin switched it to on.