Google Calculator released on Google Play with Android Wear app

This morning Google decided to release another of their standard apps to the Google Play app store for any device to download. This is not the first – and certainly not the last – app that Google has made that'll be released to the Google Play app store for several reasons. One reason Google does this is to enable quicker updates to the apps – otherwise they'd need to update them each with a system update to the devices that employ them.

Another reason Google is releasing apps this way is to make including Google Wear functionality possible. This way, the app will be available to those that wouldn't otherwise have the calculator app normally, but want the calculator app for their smartwatch.

And why, you might ask, does your device need to be running Android Marshmallow to be able to download and load this app?

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It's simple – because Android Marshmallow allows all apps to be updated through the Google Play store – Google system apps especially, in this case. Wouldn't want any incongruence now, would we?

Another reason why Google is releasing apps in this way is to keep a consistent experience across all Android devices.

OR, at least, make the consistent experience AVAILABLE to all users. While companies like Samsung have their own calculator, for example, you have the option of downloading and loading this Google-made calculator now instead, if you do so desire.

You can find the full collection of Google apps in the Google section of Google Play. There, all apps have been developed by Google for your Android device. Gather them all up and toss them upon your device like confetti.