Google Calculator gets Scientific

Ten years ago a search war was going on with quickness in results and accuracy of the first result being paramount – now it's all about fabulous add-ons such as the calculator Google has added this week. What we've got here is a full Scientific Calculator in your search results that not only allows you to get results for 2+3, but allows you to manipulate the answer you've gotten with a set of algebraic buttons as well.

Some day Google will be the only webpage that exists, with everyone else working for the one true king to bring it information as it feeds us electronically with +1 votes. We expect that this is the end goal for Google with each of their services ultimately strengthening the brand. You've now got Sine, cosine, Pi, and every other little bit you could desire in 34 buttons.

This feature also works with Desktop Voice Search, the little microphone on the right of your search bar allowing equations to be spoken aloud. Mobile devices also have access to a smaller version of this calculator – also live now. Head to to get your dose of mathematical prowess by typing in a short problem right this minute.