Google Build lets you play with Lego in Chrome

Ready to waste the morning away? Google has partnered with Lego Australia to allow users to build objects using the popular plastic blocks right from within their browser. You can choose from a multitude of different building blocks, and build anything that you can think up. Not only that, but your creation isn't randomly floating around the internet, instead assigned a virtual plot of land in Australia using Google Maps.

Once you fire up Build you'll be able to see a zoomed out map of Australia. As you search the continent and zoom in to different spots, you'll see different creations from netizens that you can interact with or simply observe. If you want to go about building your own creation, you can choose your own plot of land or have the map randomly select somewhere in Australia.

After you're finished, your final build is submitted to Google for approval, just to make sure anything naughty doesn't slip through. Build has launched in Australia first, with New Zealand next on the list. After that, Google will open it up to even more countries so that you can build on more familiar territories.

[via The Next Web]