Google Books App Update Includes iPad Landscape Mode

Rue Liu - Apr 7, 2011
Google Books App Update Includes iPad Landscape Mode

The Google Books app for iOS devices has just been updated with several new features including landscape viewing mode optimized for iPads. The app still lags behind apps for Amazon’s Kindle, Apple’s iBooks, and the Barnes & Noble Nook, but this new update shows more effort.

The update finally optimizes the Google Books app for iPads, letting you view two pages at a time and browse through the 2-million-book library all in landscape mode. Searching within an eBook is also improved, letting you find all matches as you scroll down the pages.

Additional improvements include being able to use your existing Google Books username to sign into your Google eBookstore account by tapping on “Get eBooks” from within the app. A clear no-network error message alert has been added and the magnifier has been removed.

Other enhancements include minor bug fixes and improved overall performance for faster app speed and better eBooks downloading. And lastly, they tossed in a new 3D page turning effect for the iOS 4.3 iPad version. The app is available now at the iTunes Appstore.

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