Google+ AutoAwesome feature now creating year-in-review videos

As part of Google+'s AutoAwesome feature, users can get videos generated from their pictures and other similar features. Today, Google's Anil Sabharwal announced that as part of this, Google+ users are getting a "holiday gift": automatically-created year in review videos based on content uploaded to Google+ throughout 2013. The video will be auto-generated for any user who qualifies.

The ability to have photos and videos automatically uploaded to Google+ from one's Android mobile is a handy feature, and those who have done so — or who have had enough photographs and videos uploaded to Google+ regardless of means — will see a video pop up sometime soon titled "Year2013", something somewhat similar to Facebook's year in review feature.

Once the video is created, assuming it is (only those with uploaded content will see this feature), a notification will appear telling you about its availability. There's no personal work involved — the video is an automatic creation, hence the "gift" terminology. The video will be set to private by default, leaving you to decide whether you want to share it.

The generated videos contain both still images and clips from videos you've uploaded, as well as some fun generic music to tie it all together. You might not be seeing the video right away — Google says your notification will crop up "in the next week or so" if one of the videos is generated on your account.

SOURCE: Google+