Google Authenticator updated with Android Wear smartwatch support

Two-factor authentication has long been argued to be one of the best security features to prevent hackings when it comes to web logins, and Google's Authenticator app is one of the easiest, most convenient tools when it comes to the second authentication. With the latest updated to the Android version, now users can run Authenticator on their Android Wear smartwatches, making secure logins as easy as a glance at the wrist.

The first thing Android users will notice after updating the app is that Google has finally applied their Material Design aesthetic to Authenticator, making for a nice visual overhaul. However, the real benefit comes from being able to generate authentication codes from compatible Android Wear devices.

As an example of what makes a really great smartwatch app these days, Authenticator eliminates the need for users to take their phone out of their pocket, and instead just glance at their wrist. Because Authenticator requires minimal interaction, it only takes a second to view the code and input it.

Also interesting is that Google is including access to a new NFC authentication system, albeit for developers only. This could mean that one day users will simply be able to tap their NFC compatible devices together to authenticate a secure login.