Google assures Stadia controller wireless feature will evolve

In the excitement around Google's rather novel game streaming service, few people may have been able to read the fine print regarding the Stadia controller. Granted, the details about its wireless functions probably won't deter gamers from jumping on the new platform but some still would have preferred that Google was more upfront about the controller's limitations. The company is now indeed breaking its silence to leave some hope for the future of the Stadia Controller.

The controversy surrounding the Stadia Controller revolves around its Wi-Fi wireless connection, which apparently could only be used when playing via a Chromecast Ultra. For any other device, be it a PC, laptop, Chromebook, or even a smartphone, you will need to use a wired connection. Fortunately, Google does ship with such a cable inside the box.

A Google representative went public on Reddit to confirm that situation but purposely left the door open. She said that Google is working on enabling that same wireless connection for other endpoints but only in the foreseeable future. As far as the launch date in November is concerned, it will be an exclusive Chromecast Ultra feature.

While it does give hope that wireless will be an option for all devices in the future, Google has yet to explain why it isn't the case from the start. GraceFromGoogle does confirm that the controller connects wirelessly to Stadia data centers in that mode. It still puzzles users why it can't do that on smartphones or laptops.

Some theorize that it might be a subtle way for Google to sell the Chromecast Ultra, giving it a unique and convenient feature. More likely, however, is the speculation that different endpoints, that is the devices you play on, use different means to communicate with Google's data centers. It's not really an answer but at least Google leaves some hope it won't stay that way forever.