Google Assistant users get early access to Impulse original drama

Brittany A. Roston - May 29, 2018, 2:58 pm CST
Google Assistant users get early access to Impulse original drama

Google Assistant users are getting first access to a YouTube Originals Drama called Impulse, the company has announced. The show won’t be premiering until June 6, however, Google Assistant users can get access to the first episode now using a special command and password. The episode is currently unlisted on YouTube for everyone else.

Impulse is a YouTube Red series that will debut on June 6, as mentioned. The show is based on the novel with the same name, and follows 16-year-old character Henrietta, also known as Henry, who has the ability to teleport. The show is a drama centering around this ability and trauma in the character’s storyline.

Google is making the first episode available now to anyone who uses Google Assistant to launch it. To do that, users must tell the AI to “Talk to Impulse.” Once that command is received, Google Assistant will rattle off a quick intro to the show and ask the user for the secret password.

The user then gives the password, which is “Henry” or other variations of the main character’s name (“Henry Coles,” etc). If you don’t give it the password, Assistant will send you off to research the show and figure out the name yourself. Once you provide the password, Assistant will give you the link to the unlisted first issue.

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