Google Assistant update grabs NOW's predictive cards

Predictive cards previously used in Google Now have just this week been moved to Google Assistant in Android. This system allows for Google Assistant to be the more ready-to-go part of the Android ecosystem when it comes to appointments, travel times, and recent store orders – and stock prices too, because of course.

Back before Google Assistant began usurping some of the most major features of Google Now, Google Now was the do-everything smart part of Android. That went on for a while – inside the most powerful part of Android, Google Now, all the personal information went, for all Android users. All Android users capable of using Google Now, that is to say.

With the latest update – to Android and iOS – there's a "Visual Snapshot" feature. With this visual snapshot – which you might remember in bits and pieces from former Google products – you'll see a top-notch set of bits and pieces from all your Google services.

New in Visual Snapshot in Google Assistant:

• flight updates

• upcoming bills

• traffic to common destinations

• recent packages (found through email)

• stock updates

• reminders

• upcoming appointments

• reservations

• weather

This is part of what's in the mix – there'll be more in the near future. This system is accessible through Google Assistant on iOS and Android immediately if not soon. To attain said features, update your Google Assistant – by updating all apps in Google Play or by heading into your iOS App Store to update any Google Apps.

Once updated, open Google Assistant and behold! The latest access to this newly expanded Visual Snapshot should be ready to roll. It would not be surprising to find other features like notes, Podcasts, Music recommendations, and other oddities appearing here in the future, too.

UPDATE: "We'll continue to add more useful features to your snapshot over time—for example, an overview of your notes and lists from Google Keep,, Bring!, Todoist and others; a new discovery section to help you find activities nearby; reminders on where you parked; personalized recommendations for music and podcasts; and much more," said Deniz Binay, Product Manager, Google Assistant.