Google Assistant SDK developer preview arrives for gadget makers

Google has announced the launch of a Google Assistant SDK developer preview, opening the door for Google's personal assistant to exist on many devices. Google highlights some potential uses for its software, including for use on a smart mirror with voice functionality or on a DIY robot. This paves the way for a slew of new devices beyond the bounds of Google Home and select currently supported Android devices.

Put simply, this new software development kit enables developers and creators to bring Google Assistant in all its functionality and glory to their own hardware projects. The same Assistant features will be present, including the ability to make queries and issue commands. Details about possible use scenarios are laid out in the video below, and include things like controlling lights using voice commands.

To get developers and tinkerers started, Google has detailed a DIY project that utilizes its personal assistant: a 'mocktails mixer' able to make mixed drinks using voice commands thanks, in part, to Google Assistant. The user in that case speaks the drink they want, which Google Assistant then relays to the device itself. Deeplock has provided instructions on creating this yourself here.

It's important to note that the SDK is a developer preview at the moment, and so there are some features that are still in development; Google says those include support for hotwords, companion app integration, and others. The software can be used on Raspberry Pi creations and more. Google has provided the [google-assistant-sdk] stackoverflow tag for questions and has put the documentation up here.

SOURCE: Google