Google Assistant now supports multiple Calendar, Meet accounts

Smart speakers and, later, smart displays are often advertised as the ultimate smart home convenience. It's a device that the entire family can use to be productive, creative, and entertained without having to whip out their phones. That premise, however, falls flat when it comes to trying to access events and appointments stored on Google Calendar or Google Meet. Google Assistant just doesn't know how to juggle multiple calendars yet, just like most humans, but it seems that Google is finally testing out the functionality that will make it smarter about different Calendar and Meet accounts.

To be clear, Google's smart speakers, now under the Nest brand, already support multiple user accounts. Those still need a single master account that will link other secondary accounts but, after that setup process, everyone in the family can use Nest Home and its kin with their own music collection and the like.

The problem, however, is that Google Assistant doesn't do the same when it comes to calendar and meeting events. It only knows about that master account's Calendar and Meet events and if you have more, you'll have to share calendars with that account. It works but can quickly become a mess when everyone's calendars are shared with everyone else.

Android Police reveals that Google has already started rolling out a feature that finally lets Google Assistant do the smart thing. You still have to add accounts to your master Nest Home account but you can keep calendars separate. Once accounts are linked, you will be able to see what services will be accessible from that main account as well as the option to show notifications proactively.

For now, it seems that only Google Calendar and Google Meet can be linked but that does suggest more services could be added in the future. It is also noted to still be in beta so there might still be big changes coming before a wider public rollout.