Google Assistant now offers positive news stories upon request

Brittany A. Roston - Aug 21, 2018, 4:26 pm CDT
Google Assistant now offers positive news stories upon request

Google has introduced a new way to get news, specifically positive news that helps break up the seemingly endless stream of bad news. The feature is designed for Google Assistant, enabling users to ask for good news and receive stories in return. These positive articles revolve around actual news and not feel-good stories with no substance.

Google points out a big problem with the modern news cycle — it never ends and it often features negative stories about war, famine, and other distressing comments. Though hearing this news is essential, the constant stream of bad news without something to balance it out can have a negative effect on those hearing it. That’s where Google’s new feature comes in.

By telling Google Assistant, “Tell me something good,” users are given a dose of positive news stories revolving around science breakthroughs and other articles of substance. Google says you won’t get low-tier content like random acts of kindness, but instead actual positive developments from humanity.

These stories are pulled from a variety of publications that have been curated and summarized by the Solutions Journalism Network. This solutions journalism, as it is called, aims to energize audiences and help encourage them to work towards solutions to the problems so frequently broadcasted.

Anyone with an Assistant-enabled device can request the positive news stories — this includes Google Home devices, smartphones, and the Smart Display.

SOURCE: Google

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