Google Assistant now matches voices with Netflix Profiles

One of the earliest problems of smart speakers, aside from trying to figure out what they're useful for, is being able to recognize other people's voices. While smart assistants on phones never had to worry about that, smart speakers were designed to be used in a multi-user environment. Google is in the process of finally solving that and now it is applying it to the most important use case of all: making sure that only you has access to your Netflix shows and preferences.

Confusion was inevitable in the early days of Google Home and the Google Assistant. Either it could recognize only one voice, that of the primary user, or it recognized everyone's. Either way, it would only bring up the primary user's Google account and the linked services.

Fortunately, that's more or less a thing of the past, with Google putting out Voice Match, a feature that links voices with stored Google Accounts. This way, mom's and dad's calendars don't clash, and neither do their Google Play content. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case with third-party services like Netflix.

Fortunately again, that's also a thing of the past now. Google didn't make a big fuss over it, not bothering with an announcement. Now you can tap on Manage Profile in the Google Assistant smartphone app so that you can make sure it links only to your profile and no one else's. This should make things a lot less confusing for households who have separate Netflix profiles. And it's a small but significant step at making such smart speakers more relevant and useful.

VIA: 9to5Google