Google Assistant, Google News work together to fight FOMO

JC Torres - Aug 9, 2018, 7:47 pm CDT
Google Assistant, Google News work together to fight FOMO

These days it’s almost too easy for anyone to get the latest updates from social media and news sites at their fingertips. But, sometimes, those fingers might be busy with something else just when you’re dying to find out the hottest news on your favorite tech craving. Furthering the age of voice, Google is pushing out a new update that ties together its newly revamped Google News with the ever so helpful Google Assistant so that all you need to say is “Hey Google” and you’ll never have to fear missing out on the important stuff in life.

Our ancestors will probably call us lazy and spoiled. Where they had to wait the next day or the next few hours for “news” (technically history by then), all we have to do is to Google, Facebook, or Twitter for hopefully not-fake news. But, let’s face it. Sometimes the most important things in life need your hands and half your attention. That doesn’t mean, however, that you have to give up being informed.

Google launched, or rather re-launched, Google News to become the go-to for, well, news. The new app, interface, and AI-driven suggestions tie-in perfectly with the rest of Google’s new thrust, particularly Google Assistant. And with last week’s launch of the Lenovo Smart Display, there’s no better time to bring those two together.

Simply say “Hey, Google, what’s the news” and be prepared to receive the latest updates from CNBC, CNN, and more. Looking for something more specific? Ask it “What’s the latest on Android” and it will be ready to show or blurt out headlines and excerpts from publishers. Smart Display owners can even watch related YouTube videos while those with Google Home speakers will have to settle for just text read out loud.

In addition to Google Assistant Smart Displays and Smart Speakers, the new feature is now also available on Android phones and, soon, Android Auto and Assistant-enabled headphones like the Google Pixel Buds. The catch is that it’s only available in the US for now but Google promises to expand its reach afterward. Eventually.

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