Google Assistant gets some fun and useful features for Super Bowl LV

If you use Google Assistant on your mobile or own a Google smart device, you can use the company's personal assistant to get facts and fun details about Super Bowl LV. The event will take place this Sunday with most fans watching from home. Who will win? No one can tell you, but Google Assistant is willing to give its best guess.

If you can't decide which team to root for, you can ask Google Assistant, "Hey Google, who's going to win the big game?" Equally fun for those who aren't too into sports but want to participate in the party is the command, "Hey Google, help me talk like a football fan?" Users can also ask for football facts.

Google also points out that its Assistant can be used to help manage the day, such as using the timer function to keep track of snacks that are cooking or set reminders for when kickoff is about to start. If you're on the Google ecosystem, you can also use Chromecast to stream the big game, assuming you don't have cable.

CBS is the network broadcasting the game this year, which means CBS All Access subscribers can directly access the game through that platform. If you're not a subscriber, you can also watch the game for free using the CBS Sports app or the CBS Sports website.

If you don't have cable or any means to stream the game, you can also take the totally free and old school route of using an over-the-air TV antenna to watch the game on your local CBS broadcast channel. Coverage will start before the game, but kickoff won't take place until 6:30 PM Eastern Time.