Google Assistant can now tell you where your Tile was last seen

JC Torres - Feb 3, 2020, 8:32pm CST
Google Assistant can now tell you where your Tile was last seen

Some things, like keys and remote controls, are often too easy to misplace, which is one of the reasons Bluetooth trackers like Tile were born. But when you’re frantically searching for them, the last thing you’d want to be doing is fiddling with your phone. Fortunately, if you have a Google Assistant-powered device, like a speaker or, OK, your phone, all you need to do is ask where it is or even ring your keys, not your phone.

Some might argue about how cumbersome or even awkward it is to talk to a virtual assistant, especially in public. But when you’re hands are tied up (not literally) and on the verge of panicking, speaking in a more familiar way can at least help reduce the cognitive load from your mind.

With the new integration between Google Assistant and Tile, you can simply ask the assistant to do things you’d usually have to manually do to locate an attached item. If you’re sure it’s within hearing range, for example, you can simply ask it to ring the Tile.

Things can get a bit more impressive if you have a Nest device at home. Google Assistant’s response can be a bit more specific, like saying what room the object was last found in and at what time. If your luck doesn’t hold out, you will at least be told the street address of where it was last seen.

This Google Assistant integration is just one of the latest upgrades Tile’s service has seen in the past months, including the first-ever laptop with a built-in Tile. The company may have started the whole Bluetooth tracker business but with Apple’s reported entry into the market, it will need every edge it can get.

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