Google app now serves the top recipes for your favorite food

Brittany A. Roston - Feb 3, 2017, 6:08pm CST
Google app now serves the top recipes for your favorite food

Google has again tweaked its mobile recipe search to better deliver recipes via both top options from various sources and tappable suggestions to quickly narrow down what you’re looking for. These suggestions aren’t entirely new — some people have been seeing them for a while — but they do make quick work of figuring out exactly what you want. Once tapped, you’ll see the top recipes for that particular food item or dish.

Google has been increasingly focusing on recipe results in its mobile search app. We detailed this in the past, and what we’re seeing now is an update to this search functionality, basically refining the results you get to ensure only high-quality offerings are dished up. A carousel of bubble suggestions appear once you make a search.

Search for ‘chicken wings,’ for example, and you’ll get suggestions to narrow down your search, such as ‘sweet’ or ‘spicy’ and even cooking methods like ‘grilled’ or ‘slow-cooked.’ Tapping any of those refreshes the recipes you’re given; scrolling down takes you through the top recipe results.

The recipes are presented as cards that include the ingredients and instructions front-and-center to help you quickly determine whether something is the right option for you. Tapping a card, obviously, opens the full website from which it was sourced.

SOURCE: Google Blog

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