Google announces Fiber Project winner is Kansas City, Kansas [Video]

Google has announced the lucky city that will get a 100x internet speed boost, courtesy of the search giant's ultra high-speed fiber broadband installation. Kansas City, Kansas, will be the recipient of the gigabit connection, with Google promising to work alongside local organizations, businesses and universities to help them figure out how to take advantage of all that bandwidth.

Kansas City stood out from almost 1,100 locations that applied to be Google's fiber city of choice. It'll be 2012, however, before the installation will take place, assuming no regulatory hurdles along the way.

There'll be a full announcement at 10am PDT today, with Google joining Kansas City Mayor Reardon at Wyandotte High School that you can watch streamed here. Meanwhile, Google says it will be "looking closely at ways" in which it can add more cities to its fiber project soon.