Google Android Training initiated to educate the masses

Out in the wild in this modern world of ours, we've got but two kinds of people: those who are willing to move forward into the mobile arena of computing, and those who just don't understand – or are completely unwilling – Google aims this month to start erasing the gap with Android Training. This program is one that works with a collection of classes that'll teach users to both understand and, more importantly, build applications in the Android operating system. You'll be able to do everything from optimizing an application for battery life to designing the most effective navigation the world has ever seen.

These classes are set to start by informing beginners on what Android is all about and how they can start in on the world of app developing. From there they'll go into the things like battery life, audio playbook, and designing effective navigation systems. You'll find that the classes (which end up being not much more than well-constructed blog posts when it comes down to it), are right on the edge of excellence, with a lot of potential for future creation on the horizon. As Tim Bray of Google notes, they'll be starting here and working in additional classes through the coming months.

Starting with Ice Cream Sandwich, the entire platform is brought into one single operating system, not just one for tablets and one for handsets – this makes it much easier to teach and to learn how to use the OS as there is now only one set of codes to know. The Android Developer Relations team is aiming for the moon on this one, with much more development coming inside 2012. Those of you who currently develop for iOS: this might be the best time for you to start in on big green!

Head down to Android Training Orientation to get your design on now!