Google Android app beta makes it easier to share search results

Eric Abent - Jun 20, 2019, 10:41am CDT
Google Android app beta makes it easier to share search results

Many of us have likely found ourselves involved in an online debate where someone drops two oft-heard words: “Google it.” There are already a few ways to share search results, such as Let Me Google that for You, which delivers search result steeped in condescension. If you don’t want to be so heavy handed in your approach to sharing search results, then here’s some good news: Google appears to be building a share function into its flagship app.

The latest beta version of the Google app doesn’t look too different from what we’re used to, save for the addition of a share button right next to the search bar. By tapping this button, you’ll get a shareable link saved to your clipboard, which you can then go and paste wherever you like.

It’s pretty basic functionality, but it streamlines the process of sharing a Google search. The share button was discovered by 9to5Google, which notes that tapping it will produce a “” link – one that’s quite a bit shorter than the actual URL that’s typically generated for search results. So, when you’re sharing your search results, you’ll no longer have to contend with super long links taking up a ton of space in your comment or message.

9to5Google also points out that the actions that are carried out when someone clicks the link vary depending on the device they’re using. Those on an Android devices will see the search results open in the Google app, while those on desktop will simply be taken to the search results page in their web browsers. These links also seem to share personalized search results for the person viewing them, so there’s no guarantee that people will see the exact same results that you did.

Since this is in testing, only those who have opted into the Google app beta will be able to see and use it for now. Google gives no indication of when this might roll out to the broader Android userbase, but the fact that it’s present in the latest beta build of the Google app is a sign that it’ll be available to everyone soon.

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