Google And Udacity Want You "Thinking Like A Developer"

Google is practicing their own version of Inception. Three Developer Advocates from the company are using an app to teach you how to make apps. A new, free course on Udacity, called "Developing Android Apps: Android Fundamentals", teaches you all you need to know in starting your path toward app development.

Like any good tutorial, the aim is teaching you how to think like an Android Developer, not simply run you through coding exercises. The course will also school users on the history of Android, and give them insight on the current (and evolving) face of Android development.

Their aim of getting you "thinking like a Dev" holds some value, too. As Android spreads to various other platforms, like Auto or TV, porting your ideas and concepts will likely need to be done on a very conceptual level. This course will give a strong basis for doing that.

A course on Android development is a good retort for Swift, Apple's simpler-than-anything-before-it language. Swift will likely bring more casual Developers to the fold, in addition to seasoned vets. A course on how to do it, though — that's a strong play from Google, and one that could reap big rewards.

Source: Android Developers Blog