Google And Twitter Both Get A Visit From Gaga

Lady Gaga made a trip to Silicon Valley this week and made visits to tech giants Google and Twitter for sit down interviews. The popular singer spoke with Google and Twitter employees and was interviewed by Google executive Marissa Mayer and Twitter co-founder Evan Williams. Fans also got to submit questions through videos via YouTube, which tallied over 54,000 by the time the interview took place.

Lady Gaga showed up in her requisite fashion and was treated to a video made by Google that showed her rise in popularity on Google Trends and YouTube. There was even a portrait of Lady Gaga made from words in a tag cloud and words that are associated with the pop singer in searches. Some Google employees turned out to be "little monsters", which is what Lady Gaga calls her fans. They dressed up in Lady Gaga inspired clothing and got to ask their idol some questions. The interview focused on the pop star's rise to fame and how the amalgamation of technology and popular culture helped her. Lady Gaga is the first artist to surpass 1 billion views on YouTube and when you search her name on Google it pulls up a whopping 443 million results, something the popular artist confessed to doing herself.

The singer visited Twitter next and she really seemed to appreciate what Twitter allows people to achieve. "It's truly genius. What I hope you all realize is you are giving a voice to people who want to feel famous and you don't have to be a part of an echelon. You don't have to be in a special club, you don't have to have a special key and...that's what I love so much about Twitter," said Lady Gaga to engineers at Twitter. The 70-minute Google interview is below and it should be pretty entertaining and a must watch for Lady Gaga fans.

[via L.A. Times Tech Blog]