Google and Huawei settle Nexus 6P bootloop class action suit

The Nexus line has long been dead but the ghost of its bootloops continue to haunt Google and its partners. They may finally be willing to do do anything to put a close to that last chapter, even if it means paying millions. That does seem to be the case for the almost two-year-old class action lawsuit filed against Google and Huawei over Neuxs 6P bootloop problems, both of whom have decided to settle it out of court and put an end to the saga once and for all.

The 2015 Nexus 6P was Huawei's first ever Nexus and also its last. Given how things turned out, it's not exactly surprising. The phone was famous for its "visor" design but what really set it apart was its infamous bootloops. Two years later, users hand enough and filed a class action suit against both Google and Huawei.

The lawsuit alleges that the companies were in breach of device warranty because they knew about the bootloop problem but didn't address it. Given how vocal affected users have been, it's almost impossible they missed the complaints. What's worse is that Google and Huawei continued selling the Nexus 6P fully knowing the flaws in the hardware.

Rather than let the case draw out any longer, the two agreed to settle the case and pay a $9.75 million settlement. Bulk of that will go to plaintiffs who can receive as much as $400 each. That, however, depends on their participation in the lawsuit and whether they already go some compensation. Those who got a Pixel XL in a previous warranty exchange program can get $10 only at most.

The settlement still has to be approved by a judge in a hearing next month. If it does, Google will finally have burned all the bridges to bootlooping Nexus phones. LG settled a similar case last year over a bootloop that affected not only the Nexus 5X but other LG-branded phones as well.

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