Google Adds Translate To Gmail

It might not be a feature that everyone uses day to day, but it's a welcome one nonetheless: Google has added a native translate feature to Gmail that will translate any emails you receive into English. It's not a new feature, first making an appearance in the Gmail labs back in 2009, but now it's passed rigorous testing and been unleashed so that everyone can enjoy it.

It'll come in handy for those doing business in a foreign language, or maybe those with penpals flung across the far reaches of the globe. Google detailed the feature on its blog back in 2009, saying: "If all parties are using Gmail, you can have entire conversations in multiple languages with each participant reading the messages in whatever language is most comfortable for them."

If you're not super psyched about the new feature, or are a cunning linguist, that you can disable it when it starts rolling out automatically to users over the next few days. Gmail says that the translate feature however was one of the most popular in the Labs, so it makes sense that they would roll it out on a wider scale. Keep an eye out in the meantime, amigos.

[via Computer Business Review]