Google+ Adds Ripples, Photo Editing, And Google Apps Enterprise Support

Google unleashed three major new features for its Google+ social network today that include popular posts, analytics, and photo-editing capabilities. The company also finally opened its doors to Google Apps enterprise users, who have not been able to join Google+ via their accounts until now.

First up is "What's Hot on Google+," a popular posts feature that will bring you interesting and unexpected content from those on Google+ that may not already be in your Circles. The feature shows up in your main stream just after the new posts and also can be found in its own separate stream.

Second, is a still experimental feature called Google+ Ripples, which is an analytics and visualization tool that lets you see easily see who has shared your posts and how your posts have flowed across the Google+ network. Like the "What's Hot" feature, this works mainly for public posts and comments.

And third is the Google+ Creative Kit that lets you have fun editing your photos on Google+. It has the basic photo editing tools such as crop and sharpen, but it also lets you add various filters and effects to your photos as well as text and other graphics.

[via Google]