Google adds Christmas window shopping to Maps

Google has been progressing nobly in its effort to bridge the physical world with the digital one, and the end result is the ability to tour all sorts of locations you otherwise never would. The recently added The Colbert Report set is one excellent example, and now in time for the holidays is something similar and entirely more festive: virtual window shopping by looking at actual, decorated store front windows. The company recently announced the new feature for Google Maps.

In the wee night hours, Google rolled out the feature on its Business View, the same Maps offshoot where it offers The Colbert Report set and other looks inside of businesses. Bright beautiful holiday displays from around both London and New York are available for browsing.

Saks Fifth Avenue's browsing is shown in the image above, as well as displays from the Macy's in Herald Square, and the New Year's Eve display at Bloomingdale's in New York City. For London, you can view the wonderland at Selfridges, displays at Liberty London, and more.

Of course, Business View can also be used to take a peep inside of many stores, which might be more helpful for the actual shopping portion of one's holiday activities. You can check out the displays here, and other Business View tours here.

SOURCE: Google Maps