Google+ adds auto enhancement feature for videos

Google Plus's Auto Awesome feature has been improving its users' images for a while now, and we've seen different updates related to it roll out over the months. Back in December of last year, Google added its year-in-review videos, for example, and it now it has added an auto-enhancement feature that improves uploaded videos (if the user wants). The enhancements improve sound quality as well as the footage itself. We have a comparison video showing the enhancements in action after the jump.

The video enhancement feature will spruce up the lighting and stability of videos, and at some point in the near future it will also enhance any speech that might be in them. Once videos are uploaded through Auto Backup, Google+ will automatically analyze the content.

If Auto Enhance is turned on, the enhancements will be made to the video if the system determines it appropriate. In that case, a banner will appear (for desktop users) to preview the changes if so desired.

With that, you can see a side-by-side comparison of the two videos, allowing you to decide if you want to keep the new version or the original — check out the video above for an example of this. There's also the ability to provide the auto enhancement to videos manually.

SOURCE: Google+