Google accidentally leaked its next Nest security cameras and doorbell

Google has once again leaked its up upcoming products via some images that briefly appeared in the Google Store. Once the apparent leak was noticed, Google removed the images from its online shop, but not before visitors managed to get screenshots of the upcoming hardware. While new Nest security camera products are anticipated, none have been announced at this time.

The leak appeared to show a total of four new Nest models, including three unannounced Nest Cam products and a new Nest Doorbell model. The new products were listed in the carousel on the Google Store website, as well as in a new header image that has since been removed.

The leaked products included a battery-powered Nest Doorbell, as well as a battery-powered Nest Cam, a Nest Cam with floodlight, and a wired indoor Nest Cam model. The images of the Nest Doorbell are particularly striking, revealing a much sleeker and seemingly thinner update to the current Nest Hello Doorbell.

Images of the leaked products were nabbed by 9to5Google before they were removed. Sadly, most of the products didn't have clickable links and the ones that did simply redirected the visitor to the Google Store's home page. As such, the leak didn't provide any details about these products, including specs and pricing.

It's unclear when Google plans to announce the new Nest product lineup, but the leak indicates that we're probably closer than ever to the official launch. As expected, Google has not commented on this leak.