Google: 400m Android devices activated

Ready for some crazy numbers straight out of Google I/O? Good, because they're throwing them out thick and fast. Google has taken to the stage to announce that there have been a total of 400 million Android device activations across the world to date. That's up from 100 million this time last year. In addition, one million Android devices are activated every day. That's 12 devices every second.

That's up from the 400,000 daily activations announced at last year's Google I/O. In addition, the company showed a heat map of the world indicating the demand for Android devices. While Europe and North America showed green, yellow and red started to show in developing nations across Eastern Europe, South America, and Asia.

That should give you an idea of where Google and its Android partners intend to target next. Cheap devices should help with that, along with the lack of a license fee for the operating system. There's more coming out of the I/O event every second, so stay tuned.