Goodyear’s carbon fibre car tires.

Kevin Lee - Feb 11, 2006, 10:28am CST

These days, almost every automative parts are made by carbon fibre. Carbon fibre bonnets, roofts, sport rims and the list goes on. But, carbon fibre tyres? Yes, Goodyear annouced that they would release their new Goodyear Eagle with ResponsEdge Technology which will begin to be sold in May 2006.

The new Goodyear Eagle with ResponsEdge Technology has a outboard sidewall reinforced with carbon fiber inserts. This provides strength to increase it’s sidewall stiffness, delivering you excellent handling and steering precision. This would definately reduce tyre screeching. ResponsEdge technology also uses a sound and shock absording layer called InsuLayer, made with DuPont Kevlar. This layer also promotes even wear on the thread pattern. Definately worth an upgrade for the next tyre change.

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