GoodBye Message App lets you say so long after you're gone

There are lots of people around the world who have lost loved ones unexpectedly and know the kind of pain that comes from not getting to say goodbye to the person who died. I'm sure there are also lots of people out there who worry about suddenly dying and not being able to say goodbye to their favorite people. This is where an app called GoodBye Message App comes in.

The app allows you to record, secure, and store a video message for your loved ones that can be delivered when you are gone. Once the message has been recorded, you can lock it and loved ones will only be able to open it if you die.

The app also allows users to send a written message. Security for the app uses a 2-step verification, end-to-end encryption, video storage encryption and birthday verification. For loved ones to be able to unlock the message you left for them, you need to give them an unlock code.

They can then go to the app website, enter the code and start the unlock process. To keep anyone from peeking at the message when you are still alive, text messages and emails will be sent to the person who made the message. If that person doesn't respond to the texts or emails for 7-days the message will be unlocked and access granted. The app is free, but hosting your message will cost $9.99 yearly.