Good OS Cloud Operating System Introduced

The makers of the gOS Linux system, Good OS, have now announced their Cloud operating system, which will provide super fast access to web-based applications and services such as Yahoo, Google and Windows Live without having to wait for your computer to boot up.

The Cloud system was demonstrated at the Netbook World Summit on a Gigabyte touchscreen netbook today. We learned that the Cloud system will start to be included along with Windows XP as a part of PC builder's tablets starting as soon as next year. So, you would use Cloud for basic computing and switch to XP for the programs that require more processor power.

Cloud relies on a web browser and Linux kernel for access to applications in just seconds. There isn't a wait for the system to boot. But it's not just emails and websites that can be read using this system. In fact, MP3s and Flash videos are supported by Cloud. More information about the Good OS Cloud operating system will be released at CES 2009.

[via Webware at CNET]