GolfSense will improve your golf game using a sensor and your smartphone

Shane McGlaun - Apr 8, 2013
GolfSense will improve your golf game using a sensor and your smartphone

If you’re an avid golfer you may be out for anything that will help you improve your game. A lot of people spend money on cameras and coaches to help improve their golf swing. A company called GolfSense has a product that promises to help you improve your golf swing using a sensor that attaches to a glove and an application running on a mobile device.

The sensor unit that straps onto a glove is designed to fit onto the Velcro strap of a golfing glove and monitors your swing. That sensor is very lightweight weighing only about half an ounce, yet it has sensors inside to detect acceleration, velocity, tempo, position, and posture. The sensors inside the device are able to sample data at over 1000 times per second.

The manufacturer says that its small sensor is within 3 mph of Doppler radar system such as TrackMan and laser systems like the GolfAcheiver. The application that gathers all the data from the sensor is available for the iPhone, iPod, iPad, and Android devices. Once the sensor records the data and sends it to your smartphone, and the application will provide in-depth swing analysis.

The application will also make recommendations to you to help you improve your swing in your game. For instance, if you’re backswing is to slow the app will tell you and if you’re hitting the ball too early or decelerating before impact, the app will tell you that as well. The application also saves data on your swing so you can compare your progress over time. The sensor is available in white or black colors for $129.99.

[via GolfSense]

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