Golf course on dump trucks is the most exciting golf ever

When I was a kid if I was annoying my grandfather, he wouldn't say a word. He would just turn on golf and my cousins and I would scatter. Golf has to be one of the most boring things in history to watch, and that is considering Rosanne. I'm no golfer, I can't even play put-put, but I would totally try this new form of golf that uses giant trucks with holes made in the bed.

The giant earthmovers have holes that are built using dirt, grass, and sand in the dump beds and the golfers stand on an earthen platform and whack the balls out to try to land them on the trucks. This was some sort of stunt pulled off by Caterpillar, the company that makes all the big excavating equipment.

What you get are five different types of earth movers, some are fitted with fairways, others with holes, and others with hazards to make the game more difficult. I don't think you need the hazards, it's not as if trying to get a ball into the back of a moving truck wasn't difficult enough already.

If golf on TV used earth moving equipment, I would totally watch it. Each of those giant trucks is able to haul about 250 tons of material. Check out the video to see the truck golfing in action.

SOURCE: Gizmodo