Gogo and SkyMall offer free store access on flights

Gogo inflight internet and SkyMall, the purveyor of expensive gadgets that you can buy while on a flight have announced that they have teamed up to provider passengers with free access to the SkyMall website. The free access will be offered on all Gogo equipped flights starting this month on AirTran Airways, Alaska Airlines, Delta, US Airways, and United.

The free service will be offered on nearly 850 Gogo equipped aircraft just in time to buy some expensive gear at the last minute for the holidays while you are on the flight. SkyMall is also having a special where people that spend $125 in the store will get a pass good for a free Gogo session.

The Gogo flight pass will let the user spend an entire flight online for free. I would bet everyone that has flown on a commercial flight before has looked at one of the SkyMall catalogs; it has always reminded me a bit of the Sharper Image with all the questionable gadgets and stuff.