Goal Zero reveals Yeti X lithium power station lineup for 2020

It looks like Goal Zero will refresh all of the models in its Yeti X of line of lithium power stations in 2020, and it showed up to CES this year with information on what to expect. Goal Zero's power stations are stand-ins for more traditional gas generators, and in the case of the Yeti X line, they can be charged either through the use of a solar panel or by plugging them into a wall outlet.

Goal Zero says that it has six Yeti X models in all lined up for 2020: the 200X, 500X, 1000X, 1500X, 3000X, and 6000X. We've already been introduced to the 200X, as it launched back in October. That's the entry level model Goal Zero will stick with throughout 2020, and for the moment at least, we only know specific details about that one.

Though Goal Zero didn't give a ton of details abouts its power station lineup, it did part with a few morsels of information. Goal Zero says that the 6000X is the "most powerful Yeti to date, perfect for long-term need and backup power to run key circuits in your home for days at a time." If you're looking for something to replace a gas generator, that might be the one to go with (though something like the 6000X will undoubtedly cost a lot of money).

The company also says that all of these models include integrated MPPT and power over USB-C, allowing users to fast charge devices that support it. These generators also have regulated 12V ports, and the three largest models (1500X, 3000X, and 6000X) will use a 2000W AC inverter and offer increased 12V output.

All six models will also be compatible with the Yeti App version 3.0, which can provide insights into power levels on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis. The app can also be used to set charging profiles for the generators. While the 200X is available now, Goal Zero says that we'll see the other five models release throughout 2020, so we'll keep an eye out for more.