Go-Robo! Program Your Army of RoboSapiens

So you've got your army of RoboSapiens and RoboRaptors to terrorize your home or office with their little dance routines, but don't you wish you could control them to really wreak some havoc? A new piece of software called Go-Robo will let you write your own programs to control any WowWee robot, including Robopets and Roboreptiles.

The programming language called GRIDScript (Go-Robo ID script) is easy to learn and hack, so in no time you'll be able to simultaneously command an army of up to six WowWee robots. The full commercial release of the software will be available in Spring 2007, but for those who would like to experiment, Go-Robo beta edition is available now upon request.

Go-Robo! Train Your RoboSapien [Via: RobotGossip]