GMC talks heads up display technology for vehicles

Shane McGlaun - Mar 30, 2012
GMC talks heads up display technology for vehicles

GMC has offered a bit of insight into the seemingly simple heads up display some of its vehicles such as the 2012 Acadia SUV uses. The heads up display in the car is designed to allow the driver to keep your eyes on the road and still see important details such as what year you’re in, the speed, and RPMs of the vehicle. This is similar to the tech fighter pilot used to keep your eyes ahead at all times.

The technology will also indicate other things in the GMC vehicles such as vehicle warnings, outside temperature, turn signal activation, and radio information. The driver can adjust the position on the windshield, the display can be dimmed or brightened, and can be turned off. GMC says that the HUD was designed as part of the instrument panel.

The GMC system uses a series of mirrors and a display screen to project the HUD on the windshield. Some of the challenges the GMC facing getting the HUD to work and look good included the need to overcome various obstacles such as the seemingly simple task of making a square look square when it is projected onto a curved surface. HUD’s and then offer is accessories and some vehicles for a long time, but they weren’t always discreetly integrated into the vehicle in the manner GMC has accomplished. Check out the video to learn more.

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