GMC Slim LP case lineup - puts the optical drives outside, in the doghouse

All of the computer cases from this lineup look amazing, but one catch they have is that they all feature external, but yet still internal, optical disc drives. I put it like that because each of the external ODD's have a case that is themed after the main computer case and they have a direct line to the inside of the computer where I would assume they'd connect via SATA or IDE.

I see 3 different models, one of which has 2 color options available. One of the sets even has desktop speakers that are themed after the set.

Like I said, as far as cases go, they look good, they don't have near the fans or grates for cooling for a high performance PC, and with their slim profiles, I wouldn't assume you'd be able to fit much inside, but if you aren't intending on using it for gaming or anything else graphics/processor intensive they'd be great. However they are made by GMC, a company I've never heard of except in the car manufacturing space, so you'll probably never see them here, and I have no price or availability info for you.

[via AVING]