Gmail adds block and unsubscribe options for Android, web

Email — it's great most of the time, but like all things, it can be annoying at other times. One of those times is when someone you don't like keeps emailing you — an annoying distant uncle who is somehow under the impression you've won the lottery, or someone you ticked off in the comments section of a website at some point. Equally annoying are subscription emails you don't remember signing up for and can't seem to unsubscribe from.

Google has taken steps to address both of these issues by adding a "block" feature for banning specific email addresses — it says the feature has now arrived on Gmail on the Web and will be coming some time next week to Gmail on Android. To use it, simply clicking the menu on the email as shown below and select "Block".

If you decide to unblock that person at some point in the future, you can reverse it within "Settings". Also addressed are those subscription emails — in a perfect world, clicking "unsubscribe" at the bottom of the message will remove you from the email list.

That's not always the case, though, so you can now click the upper menu above the email and click "unsubscribe". This feature is coming to Gmail for Android now, though it is still rolling out so you might not see it for a little while still. Anything you unsubscribe from will no longer be showing up within your inbox.

SOURCE: Gmail Blog