Gmail mobile redesign brings features from web to iOS and Android

Eric Abent - Jan 29, 2019, 2:38 pm CST
Gmail mobile redesign brings features from web to iOS and Android

Last summer, Google rolled out a new redesign for Gmail on web. Though the redesign maybe rubbed some people the wrong way at first, we’ve had plenty of time to get used to it, as Google forced a switch for all Gmail for web users in the autumn. Now it’s the mobile apps’ turn, as Google has announced that a similar redesign will soon be landing on both iOS and Android.

Just like the redesign that launched for Gmail for web last year, the app’s new look is based on Google’s Material Theme, which attempts to unify the designs of all of the company’s different services. That, of course, means that a lot of the features that debuted last year will now be making their way to Gmail’s mobile apps as well.

The images that Google shared today show off an all-white design for Gmail, with hardly a lick of red anywhere to be seen. It’s easy to imagine this new look being jarring for users who have grown used to Gmail’s current red-and-white design over time, though it does look fairly clean in these shots. While design is important, functionality is where it’s at, and this new Gmail seems to be borrowing some handy features from its web-based counterpart.

First, and perhaps most significantly, is Google’s attachment preview, which shows up alongside its accompanying message in your inbox. This means you can open attachments without opening the email first, which is particularly handy for long message chains that have attachments dotted throughout.

Google has also built a search bar right into the app’s header instead of hiding it behind an tappable icon, which is joined by icons for the left slide-out menu and for your Google account. By tapping your account icon, you can switch between your various Google accounts without having to open the slide-out menu first, which is a nice little touch for people who access both their personal and work emails within the same app.

Google says that this new Gmail for mobile will alert users to potential phishing emails with a sizable alert that appears above the message once it’s been opened. It turns out that this is where all of our red went, as the alert appears in a big red box that is impossible to miss among Gmail’s all-white color scheme.

All in all, it doesn’t look too bad, especially since it brings features we’ve had on web for almost half a year over to mobile. Google says that the updated Gmail will be landing on iOS and Android in the coming weeks before launching for G Suite’s mobile apps later on in the year. What do you think of Gmail’s new look on mobile? Head down to the comments section and let us know!

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