Gmail is rolling out support for multiple email signatures

Google has announced a new Gmail feature that will make life easier for power users. Starting today and rolling out over the next couple of weeks, Google says that G Suite and personal Gmail users will be able to establish and quickly access multiple different signatures, enabling them to add the appropriate one for the message they plan to send.

If you use the same Gmail account for work, hobbies, side hustles, and personal messages, then you likely need to use different signatures with different information. A work email, for example, may need to feature the person's name alongside their work number, position, and maybe links to the company website.

A personal signature, meanwhile, may include links to the user's own social media accounts or something similar. Whereas emails sent in regards to a personal hobby may include links to the hobby shop or any number of things. Manually adding these signatures into the emails is time-consuming, so users may instead keep them as text and paste them in when necessary.

Google is greatly simplifying all of this by adding direct support for multiple signatures, which enables the user to quickly open the signature options and choose the one they want to insert. Examples provided by the company include things like a 'Condensed signature,' 'Work signature,' and 'Personal signature.'

To use this feature, Gmail users will need to head into Settings > General, where they'll find a Signature option toward the bottom of the page. Click on the 'Create New' option, then enter the signature you want to use. As the image above shows, users can quickly access these signatures from within the 'Compose' toolbar.