Gmail for iOS update links Google apps directly

Google has updated its Gmail app for iOS with a feature that many users most likely have been begging for. The app now redirects links to other Google apps, such as YouTube, Google Maps, and Chrome. Any links that appear in an email in the Gmail app will automatically go to one of these three apps if installed on your iOS device.

iOS isn't too friendly on letting users choose what app that links open in — iOS simply defaults to Safari and other default apps, which a lot of users don't like particularly. However, Google seems to be taking matters into their own hands by adding the ability to choose whether or not links in emails in the Gmail app open up using one of Google's other iOS apps.

You can choose these settings in the app by individually choosing whether or not you want a certain app to be used when opening up links. Previously, you want have to find a jailbreak tweak that could let you choose what app you wanted the link to open up in, and you still have to do that for some apps, but at least Google users can now have deeper integration in iOS.

This update comes after Apple cut ties with Google by removing the default YouTube app and Maps app from iOS 5 and replaced it with their own solution. Google eventually released native apps, like YouTube, Google Apps, and Chrome, all of which can be integrated with Gmail in this new update.